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Sugar Skull Bombs

Sugar Skull Bombs

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Life is Sweet! so, share a sugar bomb anywhere or anytime…

MYSUGARBOMB™️ Sugar Skulls are a substitute to sugar cubes for coffee, tea, cocktails more! Handcrafted in an FDA registered facility by our confectionery sugar experts.  A great addition to high tea, coffee, cocktail parties, group events or simply to share or gift!

Skilled mixologists are known to light them on fire for the ultimate presentation. We also have other pretty and whimsical shapes such as butterflies and heart shapes and more. Sugar Bombs glam up your beverage with sparkle and sweetness!

Each Sugar Skull measures 1″ Tall x 0.5″ Wide x 0.35 Deep, Larger sizes available upon request and color and flavor options available as well! Please contact us at

Directions: Add 1-2 sugar bomb to a cup of coffee tea or cocktail, to sweeten your beverage.

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Glitter, Oil Extract, Edible Glitter.

***Please note: TEA BOMBS & COFFEE BOMBS pack more flavor. Sugar bomb is meant to sweeten your beverage and add some sparkle.

Flavors: Prosecco Rose, Lavender Lush, Matcha Love, Love You a Latte, Bittersweet (orange) and Hangover.

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